Coconut Pouchong from Golden Moon Tea

cocnut-pouchongWow – Wow – and triple WOW! I LOVE this tea!!!!

What is Pouchong? I had no idea when I first received it. So I did a little research. {en:Pouchong} is a very lightly oxidized tea – that is not a Green Tea, nor a Black Tea… but basically in-between!

I enjoy coconut milk in my rice, and the flavor of real coconut. I’m a little less sold on the candy type of coconut flavor.

When I opened the package and smelled, it smelled much more like coconut milk, than candy…. so that was hopeful. Then I brewed my first cup.

As I pulled the strainer out I was surprised and impressed to find that the leaves had opened and the were whole leaves!

The brew was very light in color. I sipped and found the most elegant, smooth taste, with a hint of coconut. Then I added a tiny bit of sugar and milk.  I took another sip and was in heaven!!!

It tasted like I had used coconut milk, instead of sugar and milk and the tea has such a light flavor. It had a bit of the more grassy flavor of a green tea, and yet… no… it didn’t taste like green tea.

It does brew up very light – but I have already enjoyed several cups of the lovely tea. I can taste the fresh coconut, smell the rain on the leaves and feel a bit like I’m in Hawaii!

Here’s what Golden Moon Tea says about Coconut Pouchong:

There’s mystery to the art of finding and freeing the floral aroma and rich flavor of a {en:Pouchong} tea. But the reasons Golden Moon’s Coconut Pouchong is noticeably better than others are pretty simple.

For one, we use the highest grade teas for the base for this flavored blend – large, deep green loose leaves – where normally leaves of such quality wouldn’t used. This makes a difference. And we derive our deep, natural coconut flavor from real coconut milk, instead of the artificial flavoring employed by most other blends.

The difference is real, present and unmistakable, and its why our Coconut Pouchong won “Best Tea” at the 2007 World Tea Expo.

I am totally sold on this tea. In fact, I think it could be as good for me as a light lamp in winter, because I can close my eyes and imagine I’m on a warm sunny beach. Drinking a cup of this tea is like taking a little mini-vacation!

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Born Again Bird Watcher

Mmmm…! I’ve not previously heard of this tea but it sounds delicious. I’m adding it to my “must try” list.

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