Cranberry Autumn from Harney & Sons

Cranberry Autumn from Harney & Sons What a delightful autumn blend!

The tea brews a deep reddish-brown color, a lovely fall color!  The dry leaf possesses a stronger aroma than the liquor, but, both smell deliciously of fruit.

The Black Tea base is robust and satisfying.  It has a smooth, well-rounded taste and a light astringency in the finish.  The astringency is slightly drying, but it doesn’t affect the aftertaste:  a sunny, orange-y tang that rests upon the palate.

The cranberry and orange flavors are really a fantastic pairing.  I am often afraid of cranberry flavored teas, because I worry that they may be a little too tart, but that is not an issue with this tea.  The orange flavor melds almost seamlessly with the cranberry, and together they are lightly tart but not sour, and possess a very pleasing sweetness that is not too sweet – just right!

What is also quite nice about the fruit taste here is that they taste “real” – it doesn’t have that nasty, chemical taste anywhere in the tea.  It tastes like real essence of orange and cranberry in my tea cup.  And it tastes … well, like autumn!

Harney & Sons describes this blend as

The tangy sweet citrus fragrance of Cranberry Autumn evokes euphoria. Dried cranberry and orange bits are blended with handpicked black teas from China and India producing a full-bodied brew as delicious as its scent. Ideally sweet and tart, this black tea expresses exceptionally smooth and flavorful tones. Fall in love with the sweet fruit aroma whilst sipping the exquisite mahogany red of Cranberry Autumn.

I have wanted to try this tea for some time, and I’m really happy that I finally had the opportunity to do so.  I have a dear friend of mine to thank for that – for this tea was a gift!  Thank you Rhonda!

And while this tea is absolutely autumnal and is delicious served hot, I envision this being served at Thanksgiving dinner as an iced tea!  The flavor is vibrant and the tea retains the flavor even as it cools so it would make a very charming accompaniment at the holiday table.   But there most likely won’t be leftovers of this fantastic tea!

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