Cranberry Black Tea from Metropolitan Tea’ve had a long relationship with Metropolitan Tea, and for as long as I’ve been in that relationship, I never tried this particular tea until it was sent to me by a friend.  That’s not really that surprising to me though, because cranberry is not a favorite flavor of mine.  I mean, I like cranberries just fine, but, it’s not right there at the top of my favorite berry list.

But this blend is quite delightful.  The cranberry flavor is in good balance with the black Ceylon tea base.  The tea tastes bright and brisk but isn’t what I would consider a “strong” or “bold” tea.  It has a fairly mellow character that provides a crisp canvas for the cranberry flavor to express itself.

The cranberry tastes tart but it isn’t a sour tart, just an authentic, berry kind of tart with a pleasant sweetness that comes through just enough to keep it from being too tart.  While cranberries are typically something that I relate to the fall and winter months, I am finding this to be a rather refreshing springtime treat.  It would also make an excellent iced tea for those summer months that are rapidly approaching.

Metropolitan Tea describes this tea as

Full flavored and pungent with a saucy cranberry character. Enjoy it iced with real cranberry garnish.

Ingredients:  Luxury Black Tea, Sweetened cranberries, Blackberry leaves, Safflower petals, Natural flavors.

I found this tea to be a very pleasant tasting tea.  The berry flavor is strong but doesn’t overwhelm the mild black tea flavor.  It is smooth and only lightly astringent, with no bitterness at all.  The finish is tart with a hint of sweetness, and the berry tartness lingers on the tongue long after the sip.

Another great tea from Metropolitan Tea!


first flush darjeeling

Cranberry has taste of more sour and less sweet so I can imagine the flavor of this kind of tea. I think they mix a small amount of chemical cranberry flavor into the tea rather than real flavor. I will try this new tea soon.

Emily Dill

Yum, I haven’t tried this one yet, but it sounds good!

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