Cranberry Orange Black Tea from Frontier Co-op

Cranberry Orange Black Tea from Frontier Co-opAutumn is my favorite time of year.  And even though we are in the middle of spring, this tea offers me a glimpse of autumn right in my teacup!

The base is an Assam tea which makes for a bold, malty flavor.  It has a fair amount of astringency – I found it to be particularly astringent with my first couple of sips, but it rounded out nicely as I continued to sip and the flavors of cranberry and orange developed upon the palate.  This is a much heftier brew than most cranberry flavored teas I’ve encountered, and is strong enough to serve as a deliciously different breakfast tea, especially on crisp autumn mornings!

The cranberry flavor is juicy and pleasingly tart.  It has a light sweetness to it too, and the tingle of berry tartness lingers on the tip of tongue long into the aftertaste.  The orange is sweet yet tangy, and compliments the cranberry notes nicely.  It is a very harmonious, pleasant cup of tea.

Frontier Co-op describes this tea as:

Indian Assam tea blended with a bountiful melange of cranberry flavor and bits of real orange. Subtly sweet and delicious brew.

I like this tea hot or iced, but I generally do prefer Assam teas hot because the malty tones express themselves so much better when the tea is hot.  I like this one without milk, but a little honey is nice with this tea.  As with all Assam teas, I do recommend keeping an eye on the tea timer and taking care not to over-steep, as it may become too bitter. I recommend steeping it for just three minutes.  I found that this produced a full-flavored, robust cup without any bitterness.

Overall, this is a very pleasant cup.  I enjoyed it.


Pu Erh Tee

Mm… I usually don’t like berry teas because they are too “squeaky” for me, but this one seems to balance it out rather nicely. Might give it a try!

Best Tea Pots

Just reading your post makes me want fall to be here even though spring just started. I think I will serve this at thanksgiving this year. And use my best cast iron tea pot.

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