Crepe Faire from Stash Tea

This is a surprisingly flavorful {en:tisane}.  While it is not marketed as a {en:chai}, because many of the ingredients are typical chai ingredients, I’m tagging it as a chai.

The two most prominent flavors — spearmint and cinnamon — provide a very interesting contrast to one another and create a unique flavor combination that is neither too minty nor too spicy.  Instead, it is a very well-rounded and smooth, yet lively and vibrant experience when these two flavors meet. The finish is minty, with a hot cinnamon aftertaste, leaving the palate feeling very invigorated and clean.

The other flavors in this tisane – orange, vanilla, cloves & cardamom – are not as strong, especially the vanilla.  Normally, I’d be pretty disappointed by that, but, this tisane is so flavorful and delicious … I can’t really say that I am disappointed.

That’s not to say that these other flavors are not detectable, I can taste them.  They just aren’t as powerful a presence as the cinnamon and spearmint.

Stash Tea describes this tea as

Exciting combination of clean, cool spearmint and spicy cinnamon.

This is a lovely Herbal Tisane that is just right for this time of year, and is also quite soothing on a sore throat.  (Yep, it’s that time of year!)   I recommend drinking it hot, as the flavor loses much of its powerful punch when it cools.  This is very delicious without any sweetener, but I found that when I added a small amount of agave nectar, that it really brought out some of the more subtle flavors in the blend — especially the orange.

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