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Cucumber MelonThis is a very refreshing and tasty tea!

The aroma is absolutely delightful – the dry leaves smell quite a bit like the cucumber melon candles that are so popular (you know which ones I mean).  The fragrance of the brewed tea is quite subdued, but it is still very captivating.

Now, I must be honest with you, after I ordered this tea, I seriously started re-thinking my decision.  I was certain that this was going to be the rare tea from 52Teas that I didn’t like.   Because, well, as wonderful as the candles smell (and they do smell yummy, don’t they?), there is just something inside me that was questioning the drink-ability of a cucumber tea.  I mean, I like cucumbers alright and everything … but in a tea?  I was not convinced.

But, I was determined to make the best of it – after all, I did buy the tea, I certainly wasn’t going to allow it to go to waste.  So I brewed up a cup, and to my astonishment, it is delicious!  Smooth and light-bodied, with a gentle sweetness that is just extraordinary.  It is so fresh and lively!

The Japanese Sencha is very bright-tasting and provides a very welcome vegetative quality to the cup.  It is not an overwhelming grassy note, just enough to contrast nicely with the melon and cucumber flavors.   The most prominent flavor is the melon.  It is very juicy tasting – very much like a ripe summer melon!   The cucumber flavor, in comparison is subtle, but it’s there.

52Teas describes this tea as

So my wife likes to go to this place in the mall; I think it’s called “Smelly Stuff and Goop Werks.” And she always buys this Cucumber Melon soap, and the stuff just keep making me think I should create a cucumber melon tea. I mean, it really smells good enough to drink or eat, except for the fact that it’s soap and it would probably taste like soap. (Ma only had to wash my mouth out with soap once for me to learn that lesson, thank you very much.)

So anyway, here’s our amazing new tea of the week: Chinese sencha blended with real freeze-dried cucumber dices and natural cucumber and muskmelon flavors.

This one IS going to go fast, and I don’t have the ingredients to reblend it right now (took me a while to find freeze-dried cucumbers, let me tell you), so grab it while you can!

As I write this review, there are 13 two-ounce pouches left of this flavor, and since it doesn’t look like it’s going to be reblended, you should get some while you can!

While this tea does have a light sweetness of its own, I do recommend adding just a drizzle of agave nectar (or other sweetener of your choice) to enhance the flavors.  As yummy as this tea is hot, it is even better iced.  It is as cool and refreshing as … well … a cucumber!  But even more delicious!

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