Dan Cong Sweet Orchid Oolong from PeLi Teas

Dan Cong Sweet Orchid Fragrance by PeLi TeasThis delicious and smooth Oolong Tea is both fragrant and tasty!  This sample was sent to me by Jason of Tastea Imports, and when I smelled the dry leaves I knew this was a very high quality tea.

This is my first time trying both this particular type of tea (Dan Cong), and my first time trying a PeLi brand tea.  Dan Cong is crafted from the leaves of the Dan Cong bushes growing on Phoenix Mountain of Guangdong Province of China.   Dan Cong names usually represent a flower because of the floral smell it has, and this particular Dan Cong is said to have a sweet orchid fragrance.

Indeed the fragrance of the dry leaves is very alluring and flowery!  The leaves themselves are intensely long, unbroken and twisted.  The flavor of the brewed leaves is strong, with a honey-like nuance and even more subtle floral tanginess which is more prominent as a strong aftertaste.

PeLi Teas describes this tea as:

Dan Cong (Sweet Orchid Fragrance).  Grade: Grade 1  Standard: Chinese Standard.  Year Processed: 2007.  The brownish emerald leaves of this Golden Phoenix oolong burst with an abundant orchid fragrance and a brisk sweet taste.

This spring tea is made from tender plump leaves, crafted into a stout, straight, brownish, emerald tea leaf that produces a liquor with an abundant lasting sweet orchid fragrance and fresh brisk sweet taste. Dan Cong is a famous Chinese oolong dating back to the 11th century that is made from tall tea trees rather than tea bushes.

Indeed this is a beautiful Oolong tea, oxidized a bit more so it’s slightly more oxidized than a Green Tea, but not yet a Black Tea.  The flavor is mellow, smooth and rich, and is a delight to drink!  A very high quality Oolong tea and a great experience of PeLi teas.

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