Decaf Carol from Lupicia Tea

Decaf Carol from Lupicia TeaA couple of weeks ago, I reviewed Lupicia’s Carol tea, and yesterday in the mail I received their decaf version of Carol – and that is what sits in front of me now.

The aroma is very much the same as the caffeinated version – it smells like strawberry milk!

I want to say this right up front:  I like it.  Interestingly enough, I am finding that I like both the decaffeinated and the caffeinated version of this blend – but for different reasons.  The Black Tea base of the caffeinated version is a bit richer in flavor, while this decaffeinated tea has a somewhat thin taste to it.

That being said, with this Decaf Carol tea, the flavor of the strawberry, vanilla and coconut are more intense.  So, it’s a trade-off of sorts.  To have a stronger presence of the flavorings of this tea, choose the decaffeinated version.  If you prefer a stronger, more substantial taste to the black tea, then choose the caffeinated version.  Both are really quite delicious.

The coconut is especially more noticeable here than it was with the caffeinated version.  I could hardly taste the coconut in the caffeinated version, but here, it is singing loud and clear!

I love how well the coconut goes with the strawberry.  It isn’t a combination I would have immediately thought of – but they work very well together.  The vanilla accents the coconut flavor well, and even though this is a decaffeinated version, the presence of the vanilla and the coconut give this tea a very smooth, well-rounded flavor despite the thinner taste of the black tea.

Lupicia describes this tea as

A decaffeinated version of our popular holiday tea, flavored with strawberry, vanilla and a hint of coconut.

I would like to say a little something about Lupicia’s customer service because I was literally SHOCKED at how quickly my order arrived.  It arrived within 48 hours!  I kid you not.  In addition to having such prompt delivery, I received not one, not two… but FOUR free samples of tea. I love doing business with companies such as Lupicia.


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