Decaf Momo from Lupicia Tea

Decaf Momo from Lupicia TeaI have mentioned in the past (on more than one occasion) that I’m hesitant to try decaffeinated teas.  But I really shouldn’t be.  I am discovering that most decaffeinated teas (at least those from reputable companies) are quite delicious.

This Decaf Momo is the perfect example.  Having tried their caffeinated version of Momo tea, I believe that if I had the two teas, side by side, it’d be difficult to tell which one was which.  Difficult, but not impossible.  The Black Tea base in the caffeinated version is a bit richer tasting, but, it is not that noticeable that I would refuse to sip on this decaf version. 

The black tea base is smooth.  It doesn’t taste chemical.  It doesn’t taste thin.  It doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste.  It tastes … well, for lack of a better way to say it … it tastes like black tea.  Plain and simple.  I don’t taste this and think to myself:  “this tastes like decaffeinated tea.”  The peach flavor is sweet and tastes just like a fresh, juicy peach.  Yummy!

Lupicia describes this tea as:

A decaffeinated black tea flavored with the fruity scent of white peaches produced in Japan.

Something about peaches (and peach flavored teas) screams summer to me, and this tea is no exception.  It is fabulous iced!  And because it is decaffeinated, you can drink it all day without worry that it will keep you up all night!


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yum this sounds delicious. I love the fact that there are so many decaf teas that are so wonderful since I have a caffeine sensitivity although the caffeine in tea is much more gentle since it is a slower release. YAY for TEA.

Fresh Garden

Wow, fantastic! I love it!

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