Decaf Spice Black Tea from Adagio Teas

adagio decaf spice Even though it’s not labeled as a chai blend, for all practical intents and purposes this is a Chai Tea. The cardamom, in particular, is a spice associated mainly with Indian chai blends (in tea, that is; in cooking, cardamom is used in many cuisines) where cinnamon and cloves are the spices we usually think of as part of spiced tea that isn’t chai. As it happens, I love cardamom – I’ll add it to almost anything! Cardamom cookies in the winter – mmm. Rice pudding with cardamom – mmmm.  Oh, back to tea.

Adagio describes this tea as:

Decaf Oriental Spice tea with a medley of spices:  {en:cinnamon}, {en:cardamon}, and {en:ginger}. Decaffeinated using a natural CO-2 process, that allows leaves to retain their delicate shape and flavor.

The spice flavors are not as strong in this tea as they would be in a full-bodied chai. The tea itself is sort of mild, too – as with many decafs, slightly less robust than regular Black Tea. It’s a Ceylon tea, brews up a nice medium brown, and while it’s not an outstanding tea, there’s nothing annoying about it either. So overall, what you get here is a sort of mild chai, in a version that you can drink after dinner or even later, since it’s decaf. As with many chai blends, if you like milk in your tea, you’ll probably want to add some to this one; don’t add quite as much as you would to a regular chai. You can also add a bit of sweetener, although it’s not required.

Adagio offers this tea in a regular (non-decaf) version as well, and they also have a wide variety of other decaf teas. I find most of them pretty drinkable, and especially since there aren’t nearly enough decaf varieties out there, having a whole line of them available is a real plus.


Ilya Kreymerman

Thanks for the nice writeup.

The Tea Guru

You are very welcome! We love Adagio teas, and are glad to be able to share our experiences of them with the world.


Thank YOU, Adagio! We tweet your teas regularly, too!

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