Decaffeinated Black Tea with Essence of Jasmine Blossoms from Eden Grove

[logo for Eden Grove teasI should start by saying that I got this tea from a store that handles mainly closeouts and discounts of clothing, and happens to have a couple of aisles of kitchen wares and foodstuffs. For that reason, the food that one buys at such a place may be already discontinued in regular tea outlets, and you might not be able to find exactly the same tea, certainly not the same packaging, as I found. But I’m providing links to both Eden Grove and to the teas from this company that are available on, so that even if you can’t find this exact tea, you can use this review as a guide to buying other teas from Eden Grove. If you’re still wondering why I’d review a tea that doesn’t seem to be available any more in the form I got it, it’s not so much that I expect you to go looking for this exact tea, it’s more to encourage you to look for tea in some unlikely places – Ross Dress For Less, Marshalls, Home Goods, and other similar stores. One never knows what one might find, so I look for tea everywhere and I want to encourage you to do the same.

I like decaf teas for late afternoon – I’m somewhat sensitive to caffeine, and can’t drink fully caffeinated teas after about 3 p.m. if I hope to get any sleep that night. Decaf teas still have a small amount of caffeine in them – usually about 5 mg, compared to 50-60 mg for regular Black Tea. So if you’re extra-sensitive to caffeine, you should be aware not to drink even decaf tea very late at night. (You can check a table of caffeine levels here.)

This tea has a delightful jasmine aroma. Each sachet is individually sealed in a clear cellophane packet, so you don’t smell it right when you open the box, only once you open the individual bag. This helps keep it fresh, of course. The mesh sachets allow the aroma to escape freely, and also allow the tea to brew more like tea leaves in an infuser than like paper tea bags. The tea brews up fairly mild as black tea goes – it’s got a light body to it, rather than a full one. The jasmine aroma intensifies as one steeps it. The floral note in the taste is mild, but the aroma is quite refreshing and calming – that’s one of the things I like best about jasmine teas, is that they seem to have the power to calm my mind.

Neither the company’s web site nor the box this came in provides much of a description, other than the name of the tea and the fact that it is:

Ceylon Estate Teas/ Concordia Estate

The web site for Eden Grove is: – that’s the Eden Grove section of A. Peale & Company, LLC, which also handles the Tea of Life brand which comes in similar pyramid-shaped mesh sachets.

Eden Grove’s teas are available from, if you don’t find them in stores:


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Decaffeinated Black Tea with Essence of Jasmine Blossoms from Eden Grove: This tea with a lovely jasmine aroma…

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