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I love Matcha, although it is not a tea that I indulge in every day.  This is not because of the cost, although it is a bit pricier than many teas.  It is because there is more involved to making Matcha than simply measuring out loose leaf tea into my smart tea brewing system, adding the right temperature water, and waiting for the required length of time.  With Matcha, there’s measuring, sifting, whisking…

Yeah, I realize that a good chawan full of Matcha is worth the extra effort in making it.  I’m not about to suggest otherwise.  But, because my kitchen counter space is limited and I do think that my husband might possibly lose it if I add one more tea accessory to the counter – perhaps it is best for me to keep my chawan and whisk in the safety of my tea cabinet (it’s a beautiful cabinet!) and pull them out for special occasions (special occasions = when it crosses my mind to have a cup of Matcha).

I’ve tried a few brands of Matcha, but I must concur with the Tea Guru when she says that:

DōMatcha is to the tea industry what Ferrari is to the car industry.

Read the Tea Guru’s full review of DōMatcha here.

This really is the BEST Matcha that I’ve ever tried.  The beautiful deep green liquid glides over the palate:  it is sweet with a pleasant consistency (I generally make mine a little thicker, so with these pre-measured singles, that means adding less hot water) and with just the right amount of vegetative flavor.  It tastes fresh and bright, and with far less notable bitterness than some other Matcha teas that I’ve had.

It tastes … perfect.

What is nice about this particular Matcha from DōMatcha is that it comes in these little, pre-measured packets.  No measuring.  Measuring is not THAT  big of a deal, but, it is one less step that is required, making it more likely that *I* will actually make myself a chawan of Matcha.

DōMatcha describes this amazing tea as

Enjoy that same great Ceremonial DōMatcha™ quality in easy to pour, travel friendly packets. Ceremonial Singles are perfect for using in your traditional matcha, or simply empty the packet straight into your water bottle or power drink. Getting Energized Never Felt This Good!

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating:  This really is the best Matcha I’ve ever tried.  For those who like Matcha, you will love DōMatcha.  For those who have tried Matcha and didn’t care for it, give DōMatcha a try – it will make a believer out of you!  For those of you who haven’t yet tried Matcha – this is the Matcha to try first.

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Since this is posting today – I thought I would also mention that now through March 31, 2010, the DōMatcha ceremonial singles are on sale!

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