Dongshan Dolce from Adagio Teas

Dongshan Dolce from Adagio TeasThis is a delightful tea.

The dry leaf is gorgeous – long, slender, pale green leaves covered in fuzz – they look a bit like a White Tea!

The aroma of the dry leaf is faint and smells a little like Spring – fresh and green like newly budding leaves.  Upon brewing, these leaves produce liquor that is barely fragrant.

But that’s ok… just wait until you TASTE it!

The flavor is sweet and buttery; smooth and almost creamy.  The tea glides over the palate like velvet, and has a fairly thick mouthfeel.  Not as thick as a green Oolong, but, almost!  It is a very decadent, rich flavor by which I am quickly becoming enamored.

Adagio Tea describes this tea as

This Zhejiang region tea is rich and complex with a sweet and hypnotic aroma. In each sip you will find a decadent character like that of a sweet bun, with biscuit and butter-like notes. We hope you will feel indulgent with each luscious sip.

I really like this tea from Adagio.  Fresh, beautiful flavor and multiple infusions – I got three from the same leaves!   I prefer this tea hot, as it cools, some of the flavor mutes slightly.  It is much more flavorful when hot.  It doesn’t need any sweetener, either; it has a natural sweetness to it that would be overwhelmed by the addition of sugar or other sweetener.

Bravo, Adagio, Bravo!

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