Downy Pearl Jasmine from Mark T. Wendell

Downy Pearl Jasmine from Mark T. Wendell Nowadays it seems as though every tea company has at least one jasmine tea in stock, and it is usually a jasmine pearl.  But that’s quite alright with me, because I love jasmine pearls!  There was a time when, if asked the classic question if I were stranded on an island with only one type of tea, what type of tea would it be?  The answer would have been jasmine pearls.  And although I think I may have found other favorites since then, jasmine pearls continue to be among my favorite teas.

There was also a time when I thought that a pearl was a pearl was a pearl.  I have since learned that this is not true.  While most pearls are very similar – so much so that it is difficult to discern one from another – there are some that are better than others, some that are just average, and while I have yet to find a jasmine pearl I don’t like, I am sure they are probably out there somewhere too.

I like this Downy Pearl Jasmine from Mark T. Wendell.   These fluffy soft pearls render a liquor that tastes soft and creamy.  Yes, I said creamy.  It has a beautiful jasmine aroma and flavor that is smooth, not sharp.  This is a sweet, delicious pearl that is welcome in my teacup anytime!

Mark T. Wendell describes these pearls as

A rare tea produced by hand rolling Green Tea buds and silvery tips into a tight, pearl shape. The tea is then scented repeatedly with jasmine, creating a wonderfully fragrant bouquet. Upon brewing, each “pearl” unfurls to show the entirety of the tender tea leaves.

When steeping pearls, I highly recommend steeping in a gaiwan.  By using many short steeps, you will extract the best flavor as well as get the most tea from your pearls.  I don’t recommend sweetening these – they don’t need it!  They have a beautiful sweetness without additions.

Such a refreshing, luxurious tea!

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