Dragon Well from Rishi Tea

Organic Dragon WellTo be completely honest, I was a bit apprehensive to try this Dragon Well Green Tea from Rishi when I first received the sample.  I had previously tried Dragon Well Green Tea (not from Rishi, but another source) and I found it to be too grassy for my palate.

However, I find myself pleasantly surprised by this Dragon Well from Rishi Tea | Facebook.   The leaves are of the highest quality, and the scent was slightly sweet with a faint grassy note, reminding me vaguely of the smell of a sunny afternoon as the breeze floats gently over a patch of freshly cut grass.

Rishi Tea describes their Organic Dragon Well tea as

Dragon Well (Long Jing) is the most famous Chinese green tea, named after the Dragon’s Well landmark in the West lake area of the Zhejiang, where the tea originated. Dragon Well is a pan-fired green tea flat fried by hand in large woks one small batch at a time. This artisan processing technique yields a tea with leaves shaped like the blade of a sword. Each spring, during the prime Dragon Well harvest, we select a unique quality that has a balance of fresh green and smooth toasted flavors. Rishi’s Dragon Well is mellow and smooth with a fresh bittersweet finish and roasted chestnut aroma.

The color of the brewed tea is a very pleasing, pale chartreuse yellow, and the flavor is not overtly grass-like, instead, I find it to be a pleasant balance of soft earthiness with a subtle nuttiness.  The second steeping of the leaves was equally as pleasing as the first.

Just for fun, I added some candied ginger chips to the second cup, and I really enjoyed the yin and yang this addition provided — delicately cool notes of the tea and the mild heat from the ginger coming together playfully in one cup.

For those who have previously tried Dragon Well, and like me, found it to be “not your cup of tea” I recommend giving this Dragon Well from Rishi Tea a try.  I think you just might change your mind!

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