Dragon Well from Rishi Tea

Dragon Well Green Tea
This is an incredible Green TeaRishi Tea | Facebook, one of the very highest quality tea companies in the world, presents this gorgeous organic Dragon Well green tea from the hills of Hubei, China.  You can tell simply by looking at the dried leaves what a wonderful quality tea this is.  The aroma of the dried leaves is a gorgeous bouquet of sweetness and an almost nutty fragrance that really entices.

The tea brews up a lovely pale green color with lots of subtle flavor and aroma nuances.  If you love green tea, this is THE tea to drink.  Never have I found a more savory green tea with no other ingredients other than green tea.  This is a BEAUTIFUL tea.

Rishi Tea describes this tea as:

Dragon Well (Long Jing) is the most famous Chinese green tea, named after the Dragon’s Well landmark in the West lake area of the Zhejiang, where the tea originated. Dragon Well is a pan-fired green tea that is flat fried by hand in large woks one small batch at a time according to an artisan processing technique that yields a tea with leaves shaped like the blade of a sword. Each spring, during the prime Dragon Well harvest, we select a unique quality that has a balance of fresh green and smooth toasted flavors. Rishi’s Dragon Well is mellow and smooth with a fresh bittersweet finish and roasted chestnut aroma.

Water: 180°F / Leaves: 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces / Infusion Time: 2–3 minutes

Ingredients: Organic green tea. Origin: Hubei, China.

It really does have a very mellow green tea flavor, the perfect Dragon Well tea.  Delicious, grassy and fresh.  This is a great tea for everyday consumption.

Long Jing Dragon Well is China’s most popular tea.  This tea dates back to the Tang Dynasty with over 1000 years of history.  Dragon Well is still carefully picked and processed completely by hand- from hand picking to hand roasting in large electric woks.  It was the tea served to Richard Nixon during his famous meeting with Mao Zedong.  Give this tea with such a rich history a try today – Rishi makes it easy and delicious!



Sounds wonderful. Where do you get your tea?

The Tea Guru

Since I live in a very small, country town in the middle of Missouri, I almost always exclusively order my teas from various places online.


Rishi Rocks! Love the stuff. Every now and then I go bananas and order up a bunch of the stuff on Amazon. My favorite is Moonlight White.


I am drinking the sample of this that you gave me right now.. I adore it and will be ordering some soon. I mix in some matcha for an extra boost!

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