Dragonwell from Teavana

DragonwellA lovely, mellow Green Tea! The leaves long, flat and a lovely shade of pale green. The tea brews up a nice shade of green-yellow. The scent, like everything about this tea, is quite mellow and light. It is slightly sweet with a hint of creaminess and also a bit of earthiness.

The taste is quite lighter than some other Dragonwell teas I’ve had. The flavour is slightly sweet and creamy, much like the scent. There is also a hint of earthiness. I absolutely love how mellow & light this tea is. It is the perfect afternoon and is great on its own or with a treat (I had it with a granola bar & the two went together perfectly!).

Teavana describes this tea as:

Legendary tea from the Zhejiang province is entirely handmade producing flat jade-green leaves leading to a mellow-sweet tea with chestnut undertones. Plucked and processed according to the ancient methods of ‘Ch’a Ching,’ or the ‘way of tea.’ Dragonwell is known for promoting mental alertness and carries a lingering sweet aroma. I absolutely

I usually get two or three cups out of this tea. I steeped about three minutes the first time, and I usually steep for about five minutes the second time. Make sure to taste it around the five minute mark though, because this tea can easily become bitter.

Given that this tea has its own sweetness, I didn’t feel the need to add any sort of sweetener to it. It was great just on its own. As I mentioned before, it is the perfect afternoon tea to just sit and sip without or without a snack. This is definitely a tea I would purchase again from Teavana. The thing I liked the most about it is how mellow and light it is. While I do sometimes like a more stronger tasting green tea, this is the perfect tea when I’m looking for something mellow, light and slightly sweet to drink.

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