Dream Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs

Dream Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs

This tea is aptly named. Just take one whiff of this tea and you will smell mint and {en:chamomile}, two of the best pre-bed herbs out there. But in this blend they have also added {en:mugwort} (which opens your third eye and is said to produce vivid dreams), {en:damiana} leaves, {en:gotu_kola|gotu kola} and {en:rosemary} leaves, rose petals and a tiny hint of {en:stevia}. You can’t taste much of the other flavors because the mint and chamomile is so strong, but mixed all together it produces a light, minty fresh cup before bed.

Mountain Rose Herbs describes this tea as:

This infusion is based on an ancient formula said to invoke powerful dreams. It is specially blended for the dreamer, stimulating vivid and easily recalled dreams.

One of my favorite things about Mountain Rose Herb teas is how fresh they smell and taste. They are the only brand of tea that actually looks just like my own tea blends from my stock of dried herbs. In fact, I often make a peppermint/chamomile tea with herbs I have grown and dried, and this looks and tastes very similar.

I just need to inhale this tea as it is brewing and I instantly feel more relaxed. I often have trouble falling asleep, but drinking this tea definitely helps. It is also a good tea to drink after dinner, because peppermint is known to aid digestion. Highly recommended!



i’m surprised that there’s so much to know about tea! XD


Sounds like a good blend, though Rosemary is meant to be a stimulant I though, though when combined with the other herbs it probably just helps you dream better.


Well, I’m not sure why they added rosemary, but your right it is a slight stimulant but it is also aids digestion of fatty food, and it soothes your digestive track, so maybe that is the thought process behind it.

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