Earl Grey Cheesecake from 52 Teas

Earl Grey Cheesecake from 52 TeasThis is really good.  Of course, that came as no surprise to me, since 52Teas IS one of my favorite companies and I’ve not been disappointed by them yet.

The Black Tea base is a bit different from the usual black tea blend that is used by 52Teas.  It is a little smoother and has a somewhat lighter touch to it.  It is still full-flavored and brisk; however, because of the Darjeeling addition, this one is a little more restrained … refined!

The base is perfect for this particular blend.  The cheesecake flavor is creamy and decadent with a subtle cream cheese tangy quality, and because of the lighter base the cheesecake flavor is easier to recognize and appreciate.

{en:Bergamot} is one of my favorite tea flavors (as some of you might know by now!) and what is very interesting to me about bergamot is that it can taste so different depending upon how it’s blended into a tea.  Sometimes it comes off as strongly citrus, while others it has a more subdued citrus note with a strong, sharp floral quality.  I like bergamot … so I appreciate both ends of that spectrum.

Here, the bergamot is more citrus than it is floral, although my palate is occasionally greeted with a subtle sharp note from the flowery side of bergamot.  I like the way the two components – bergamot & cheesecake – play together in this cup.  The citrus fruit accents the tangy characteristics of the cream cheese flavor while the cheesecake flavor does not overwhelm the cup.  It is a very well-balanced cup!

52Teas describes this blend as

I spent some time tweaking the base tea for this blend. I had to get it just right. This has an amazing mixture of Indian and Chinese black teas, including some Darjeeling, blended with marigold petals, oil of bergamot and natural cheesecake flavors. The balance of this cup is amazing. The sharp citrus notes of the bergamot contrast beautifully with the sweet creamy cheesecake flavor.

I happen to prefer this tea hot, but it is quite nice served as an iced tea too.  The tea tastes more balanced when it is hot, and more creamy tasting when it’s iced.  It’s good straight up with no additions, but if you want to bring out the creamy notes of this, add a splash of milk to it, but don’t add too much because I found it that it overwhelms some of the bergamot notes a bit.

I like this tea so much, I think it’s time for more!

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