Earl Grey Crème from Plymouth Tea

Earl Grey Creme is a variant that has grown in popularity in the last couple of years – tea with bergamot that also has vanilla flavoring added. The vanilla adds some sweetness to the flavor, offsetting the sharpness of {en:bergamot}, which some people perceive as bitter (bergamot is a citrus, so the oil is acidic).

I think this opens up Earl Grey for a wider drinking audience, who might be used to sweeter drinks of various sorts. Which is not to exclude people who already like regular Earl Grey! Indeed, my spouse the science-fiction fan is willing to acknowledge that {en:Captain_Picard|Captain Picard} might well enjoy Earl Grey Creme as much as the Earl Grey he has been observed drinking.

Plymouth describes this tea as:

Scented Black Tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) –  This new version of an old classic has become one of our most popular teas.  Fresh Madagascar Vanilla bean adds a sweetness that makes it popular as a dessert tea, but don’t hold back at other times.  As a rival to flavored coffee it wins hands down.

Because of the vanilla, I didn’t feel the need to add any sugar, though when I tried it with a bit of sugar, it did make the vanilla flavor stronger. If you usually drink your tea with sugar, try using a bit less on this than usual, so you can taste the vanilla. Because of the vanilla, this is definitely NOT a tea to add lemon to. I myself don’t normally think that milk or cream tastes good with oil of bergamot, but if you already do like milk in your Earl Grey, I’m willing to bet you’ll like it even more in this one; the combination of vanilla and milk is quite rich.

This is definitely better as a hot tea than as an iced tea – iced, the vanilla flavor got lost and the bergamot tasted a bit bitter. Stick to having it as a hot tea – an after-dinner dessert treat, if you drink caffeinated teas after dinner; a nice afternoon tea with a sweet snack or a few slices of fruit.

Plymouth has several other Earl Greys – seven of them, as I count it on the date I write this. You’ll find it under “Scented Teas” rather than flavored. They have some other nice scented teas as well.  Most of Plymouth’s teas come in resealable heavy black plastic packets, and keep quite well.

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By the way, there’s still another half a dozen or so Earl Greys to come, over the next couple of weeks!

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