Earl Grey from Dilmah Tea

Earl GreyI have to be honest, I am generally skeptical of bagged teas.  Usually, the tea is of lower quality, chopped to a consistent, processed size, and because of the additional surface area and extra processing, it’s been my experience that by the time you receive a bagged tea, the tea is already stale.  In addition, tea bags do not usually grant enough room for the tea leaves to properly unfurl and expand, so the bagged tea does not have the same opportunity to deliver full flavor like a loose leaf tea.

I am happy to say that Dilmah Teas are a notable exception to this generalization.  I’ve tried several bagged teas from Dilmah, and each has been surprisingly, and exceptionally delicious.

Dilmah Tea describes their Earl Grey as

An enticing experience from the Orient, Earl Grey tea is traced back to the Court of the Chinese Emperors from where the British Envoy the 2nd Earl Grey learned its preparation – Strong, a hint of bergamot flavouring.

In my humble opinion, there are few flavors in the tea world that work together as well as a good quality Ceylon tea and bergamot.  It is as if the two were made for each other, and this Earl Grey tea from Dilmah is a shining example of that.  The character of the tea is robust and bold and supports the lively flavor of bergamot perfectly.

The flavor is not perfume-y (a common complaint amongst tea drinkers who do not care for Earl Grey) but more reminiscent of citrus, like a sour orange.  The scent is intoxicating and distinguished.  I highly recommend this Earl Grey to all tea drinkers, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Wiccan Wonder

My favourite blend is the Earl Grey, since I like the spicy bite I get in every sip. And my favourite brand of tea is Dilmah, due to their fairtrade policies and real Ceylon tea. Put those two together and I’d have my favourite cup of tea in the whole world!

I must admit that I succumb to the convenience that teabags provide, so I usually buy bagged tea.

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