Earl Grey from Red Rose Tea

Earl Grey from Red Rose TeaI have tasted and enjoyed many an Earl Grey. Earl Grey happens to be one of my very favorite types of tea and I have sampled Earl Grey teas from the most humble to the most expensive loose leaf imported varieties.   I have a great nose for a fabulous Earl Grey, and I can tell you without any bias, that this bagged Earl Grey tea from Red Rose is one of the best Earl Grey teas I’ve ever tasted!

It is everything I would want in an Earl Grey tea, a strong bold Black Tea with just enough astringency to leave you wanting more, but mostly smooth and mellow with a perfectly matched {en:bergamot} flavor which is what makes this tea so incredible.  It’s the perfect balance of a tasty black tea with a great bergamot which is perfectly balanced on the palate.

Not only is it delicious, but even though I usually look upon teabags with some disdain, I find the fact that such a great Earl Grey is in such an easy to brew bag that you can bring with you to restaurants, the office or in your purse “just in case”.  This is one of the rare times you will see me actually highly recommend a bagged tea over any loose leaf tea available.

Red Rose Tea describes this tea as:

Enjoy the distinct aroma and flavor of Red Rose Earl Grey Tea. Delicately blended with natural bergamot flavor, Red Rose Earl Grey Tea is a full-bodied blend in the Red Rose tradition. This robust, refreshing tea, from the finest tea estates in the lush green mountains of Ceylon and the African Rift Valley, captures the centuries-old traditions of Earl Grey Tea. Bergamot, a fragrant citrus fruit, gives Earl Grey its distinctive aroma.

There are many legends about the origins of Earl Grey Tea, but it is generally accepted that the blend was first presented in the 1830s and named after Earl Charles Grey, British Prime Minister of the time. Now, the true essence of the Earl Grey blend is captured in every cup of Red Rose Earl Grey Tea.

This is my favorite blend from Red Rose Tea and one of my top ten most favorite teas.  I absolutely love this Earl Grey and would recommend it not only to fans of Earl Grey but guests and anyone who wants to try an Earl Grey for the first time, because to me this is what an Earl Grey should be.

Normally bagged teas sold in grocery stores, such as Red Rose is, are lower quality teas.  I can say that in this case that is not the truth –  it happens to instead be a happy coincidence that such a fine Earl Grey is easy to find and purchase as well as being very reasonably priced, and in convenient bagged form.  Red Rose Tea did a wonderful job with this blend!

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Evelyn Arthur

I have been a fan of Red Rose Tea for more years than I like to count. I think it is so fabulous they have a larger selection of teas, I think Earl Grey is my favorits hot tea!!

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