Earl Grey from Two Leaves and a Bud

More Black Tea than bergamot, I found this tea to taste like a strong, dark black tea with a hint of bergamot, than like most Earl Grey tea where the bergamot dominates the scene.

The mesh tea bags (sachets) allow for whole leaf tea, rather than the pieces in paper tea bags, and they let the hot water circulate more freely than a paper tea bag would, too. For this reason, it’s possible to overbrew the tea before you realize it – ask me how I know!

Anyway, once steeped, the bergamot aroma is more present than it was dry, but it’s still mild; the underlying tea is a single tea rather than a blend, and it is the main flavor here.

Two Leaves and a Bud describes this tea as:

Our Earl Grey starts with a great quality, organic large leaf, sweet black tea (not “blending teas”) from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). We add just a hint of pure bergamot oil to create the famous Earl Grey taste.  There are many legends of how Earl Grey came into being.   Our favorite is that the Earl had a shipment of tea that also picked up bergamot oranges.   Tea absorbs flavors and odors and this shipment did just that.   It was a huge success on the market and… a legend was born

Because this is a fairly strong tea flavor, and only a mild bergamot flavor, if you like milk and sugar in plain black tea, you’d probably like it here. I don’t usually put milk in black tea, and I tend to think it’s horrible in most Earl Grey, but it really does go nicely with the Ceylon tea. Or, as with most Earl Grey, a slice of lemon or lime (or half a kumquat, if you’re of a mind) goes quite nicely, picking up a bit more of the bergamot flavor.

Again because it’s only lightly bergamot, and strongly black tea, this makes a decent iced tea, though you’ll definitely want sugar in it, and the above-mentioned lemon or lime. Don’t oversteep it just because you’re going to add ice – I know some people do that, thinking they’ll make it extra strong and then it will “water down” to normal as the ice melts, but in this case, the extra steeping will make it bitter as well as strong, and the ice won’t fix that.

As well as boxes of sachets (which are, by the way, a biodegradable cornstarch-based nylon analog), Two Leaves and a Bud also offers this as a loose tea.

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I totally agree with this review of this tea. I did enjoy the “tea” aspect of this tea, but, I found the bergamot to be a bit too mild.

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