Earl Grey from Two Leaves and a Bud

organic-earl-greyChalk up another winner for Two Leaves and a Bud. The tea is fresh, the beautiful tea bag is full of leaf and you can feel good knowing it is organic.

Two Leaves and a Bud describes this tea as:

Our Earl Grey starts with a great quality, organic large leaf, sweet Black Tea (not “blending teas”) from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). We add just a hint of pure bergamot oil to create the famous Earl Grey taste.  There are many legends of how Earl Grey came into being. Our favorite is that the Earl had a shipment of tea that also picked up bergamot oranges. Tea absorbs flavors and odors and this shipment did just that. It was a huge success on the market and… a legend was born.

One thing about this tea is that it is very strong. I didn’t leave the tea bag in for as long as was suggested, because I don’t like very strong tea, and it was plenty good for me. When I say strong, I mean just that. It doesn’t have any bitter taste, it just tastes like Earl Grey concentrate. (Keep in mind I am a black tea wimp and if you like a good cup of strong black tea, you will probably find this milder than I do.)


The Tea Guru

Yeah I’m the kind of person that the stronger the tea the better, which is why this isn’t my favorite Earl Grey, although it’s of good quality (Two Leaves and a Bud have such awesome quality teas), it just didn’t pack a punch like some of the other Earl Grey’s I’ve tasted. It wasn’t weak either, but quite a nice middle-of-the-road Earl Grey.


Ha ha! I know, I am such a wimp when it comes to black tea! Sometimes my stomach just curdles when I have black tea that is too strong. That’s why I prefer herbal and berry teas. Also, flavored black teas I seem to have no problem with.


I agree with Tea Guru, I found this Earl Grey to be somewhat milder than other Earl Grey teas, and for me, personally, it wasn’t a “true” Earl Grey… I wanted a more robust body than what I received from this Earl Grey. The tea itself is delicious, but when I want an “Earl Grey” this isn’t the tea I’d reach for.

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