Earl Grey from Vitamin Cottage

Earl Grey from Vitamin CottageDo you ever get caught up in a cycle of finding a tea you really, really love, and then kind of get on a kick for it?  That’s what I end up doing, and presently I’m in loooove with this loose leaf Earl Grey.

Not only is the price lovely because it’s not packaged in a tin or specialty packaging, but because Vitamin Cottage is a local grocer for me, and because they *heart* recycling, I have literally NO waste from using this tea.  And being green like I am, this adds to the smile on my lips.   Once I’m done with the clear plastic bag it comes in, I just take the bag back.  And because the tea leaves are organic, I have no problem throwing them out into my compost.

This Earl Grey has a wonderful and medium citrus flavor, and that’s another reason why I’m so partial to this blend.  I like the {en:bergamot} flavor, but I don’t want it too mild or too overpowering.  Instead, I want to be able to taste it, and still enjoy the pungent dark flavor of the Black Tea.

My favorite way of drinking Earl Grey is to add a healthy dose of {en:turbinado} sugar and organic half and half.  I am very judicious about adding these treats because instead of covering the flavors in this tea, they seem to really enhance them.

Vitamin Cottage describes this tea as:

Natural Grocers sources the freshest and highest quality raw goods from around the world. With our award-winning, high volume bulk re-pack service, you are guaranteed extraordinarily low prices on a huge selection of hard-to-find herbs, spices, nuts, teas, flours and grains.

While I know it’s not the greatest description of the tea itself, I’m happy to come right out and tell you: this is a darn fine Earl Grey.   There are no extra ingredients or flavors besides black tea and bergamot.   I love making my own mixed concoctions, but often the fewer the ingredients the BETTER!

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