Earl Grey Green Tea from Ambassador Organics

ambassadororganics earl gry greenOil of bergamot does not taste the same with Green Tea as it does with Black Tea. Although this particular green tea is roasted fairly well, so that it looks almost like a black tea when it’s dry, it brews up a pale yellow-green typical of green tea. (The company’s literature does not say where the tea is grown, or when it is harvested, so one can’t estimate the levels of caffeine.)

The bergamot aroma is mild, the flavor a bit stronger. The tea tasted just a bit grassy to me, and the bergamot a bit oily, until I added some sugar, and then everything smoothed out, and we had a balanced tea flavor with a strong but not bitter bergamot finish. I found that lemon made it too sour, but lime and orange worked well, if you wish to add a wedge of citrus to your tea.

Ambassador says about this tea:

A unique bergamot-orange-infused green tea allows enjoyment of your favorite flavor as well as the health benefits of a quality green tea.

Ambassador Organics™ is pleased to introduce a premium line of tea bags and loose teas for the discerning tea drinker that is both certified organic and certified Biodynamic®. These teas have been sourced from dedicated Biodynamic producers in communities across the globe, exemplifying agriculture that respects all aspects of the environment, from soil to human being. From sustainable model farm cooperatives to fair trade and socially just tea estates, these teas have been grown with special care.

Since Earl Grey doesn’t usually lend itself to milk or cream, and green tea certainly doesn’t lend itself to milk or cream, it is fairly obvious that I wouldn’t even try adding milk to this tea.

In general, most Earl Greys do not taste as good iced as they do hot, and in particular, I didn’t find that this one made a very good iced tea. Best to drink it hot and a bit sweetened, and enjoy the health benefits as well as the taste. I suspect that this will appeal more to people who usually drink green tea, and that it will take a bit of getting used to for those who are accustomed to drinking Earl Greys based on strong black India or Ceylon teas.



I am really sorry to disagree but I have tried many different brands of teas in many different countries and I have found that the Ambassador line to be the cleanist tasting, aromatic, just overall enjoyable I have ever had.

The Tea Guru

I don’t know what you are disagreeing with sir, all of the EIGHT reviews we have on Ambassador Organics teas are extremely positive, so what precisely are you disagreeing with?


I actually really like milk in a black Earl Grey–not always, but sometimes during the winter when I want something a little heavier as a treat, I’ll have Earl Grey with milk and a little sugar. While it might be considered heresy, Starbucks makes an Earl Grey latte (formerly known as London Fog as an off the menu item) which is Earl Grey with steamed milk and vanilla syrup. It’s hardly tea anymore, but it is tasty.

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