Smoky Earl Grey from Kusmi Tea

Smoky Earl Grey from Kusmi TeaThis is the first ‘smoky’ Earl Grey that I’ve tasted.  Much like other recent trends in more exotic flavors of Earl Grey, such as Cream Earl Grey and Russian Earl Grey, Smoky Earl Grey is a very unique yet fabulous ‘twist’ on the standard Earl Grey.

‘Smoky’ Earl Greys start with a smoky Chinese Black Tea, much like (actually almost exactly like) {en:Lapsang_Souchong|Lapsang Souchong}, then flavored with {en:bergamot}, the citrus-like flavor that is the essence of an Earl Grey tea.

This creates an especially interesting flavor combination with the deeply smoky black tea blended with a brighter citrus note.  However, Kusmi manages to pull this off effortlessly, with a definite balance to the flavors that prevent it from being…..yechy. Instead this is a musky yet refreshing tea that I love waking up to on cold mornings!

Kusmi Tea describes this tea as:

Smoky black tea from China flavored with natural essences of bergamot.

Tasting advice: delicious plain or slightly sweetened.

Origin: China Time of day: afternoon
Main flavor: citrus with a smoky note Ideal water temperature: 85°C – 90°C
Quantity needed: 0,1 oz. Recommended brewing time: 3-4 min

This tea is best served hot, not chilled, and plain without any sugar or milk.  Although as they note, a little sweetener actually brings out the citrus notes a bit more, and gives it a lot more depth and intricacy.

As my favorite type of tea is Earl Grey, and I also love smoky teas such as Lapsang Souchong, I really appreciate this tea, as I suspected I would when I selected it from Kusmi.  However, it’s a very unique taste and not for everyone – imagine a deep black tea that smells and tastes fresh from the campfire, then turn that into an Earl Grey.  Perhaps an acquired taste, but one that this reviewer has definitely acquired.  Give this one a try on cold or rainy evenings!



Hi Tea Guru! I’m glad you liked this tea! I didn’t care for it at all! I felt like the ashes from the campfire were floating in my tea!

An acquired taste? Yes I think you’re right. But those who love to campfires may really enjoy tasting this tea. It just was not to my liking 🙂


I started drinking this smoky Earl Grey lastnight (my first time trying this combination) and I REALLY enjoy it. I knew I loved both flavors on their own before I tried it. Kusmi tea lives up to their claims of having teas with ‘pleasant tastes and smooth flavors’. I left the leaves in my travel cup and it did not get bitter which is always great. I also added cold water over the leaves I already brewed once with hot water and that gave me a mild, enjoyable thirst quenching drink before bed!

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