Earl of Bengal from Teatulia

Earl of Bengal from TeatuliaI’ve only ever tried one of Teatulia‘s Teas, and this one is the one I tried:  Earl of Bengal.

When I first opened the plastic wrapping it smelled reminiscent of dryer sheets but not in a bad way…it was a very clean and almost floral type smell. On the 2nd sniff you could start smelling the tea a bit more. It steeps fairly quickly. The coloring is a dark brown – common for the Black Teas.

The scent after steeping is also typical black tea type smell. The taste is very nice. It’s a black tea, indeed, but with hints of other elements…just a tad of Bergamot and a bit peppery taste. It’s really quite delightful! In addition, the website and blog are great and their causes are good ones! This seems to be one company that does things right!

You can read more about it here.

Teatulia describes this tea as:

A new take on an old classic. Bold yet unapologetically (sic) flavorful with a dash of Organic Oil of Bergamot to start your day. Our version of an Earl Grey, but with that exquisite freshness of our organic black tea. Earl of Bengal tea is available as loose leaf tea. It is also available in our biodegradable pyramid bags, housed in our compostable  containers, full size and sampler size.

I really enjoyed this tea and really appreciate the extra efforts this company goes thru in making their product and helping several causes.  I hope to start seeing this brand in more store very soon and I would LOVE to try more of their blends.  If you ever see Teatulia in a store – grab it and check it out!  It’s more than just a tea.

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Sonam Lama

Hi! Jennifer
From steepester now to your review.Yay! a Great Name Earl of Bengal! Best teas happen in Bengal.Well i actually do not like flavored teas, honestly! but Earl grey is a popular brand by itself and the word ‘peppery’ in ur description was what i really liked-while sometimes i do Bergamont me too i get the same feel n senses.I agree!


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