Easter Parade from Tea For All Reasons

Easter Parade from Tea For All Reasons

I LOVE this hot cup of tea I am sipping right now. As I lift my cup, I smell the Rooibos and peach – but the flavor is amazing complex and unique. In the first moment, I taste the rooibos- very quickly followed by peach. But then, as I swallow, a touch of coconut is left in my mouth, followed by the strong sense of pineapple!

“How can a tea have so many flavors and sensations?” I wonder. Half a cup of tea later, I know I am drinking a tea that is reminiscent of the old fashioned Easter Bonnet! This is a perfectly named tea!

I can tell that I will enjoy this tea all spring and summer – both hot and iced. It has it’s own sweetness and such wonderful flavor that you don’t even need a biscuit or snack – which means a wonderful, caffeine free, calorie free snack! Yes! A definite favorite for me!!!

Here is what Tea For All Reasons | TFAR Etsy says about “Easter Parade”:

A new version of our popular blend, the prominent pineapple and peach tastes are tempered with coconut and vanilla, sandy immortelles, sunflower and cornflower blossoms, with the addition of little candy Easter Eggs sprinkled on top for a touch of whimsy.


Zuda Gay Pease

Sounds very yummy!


Melanie, this tea sounds absolutely delicious! I love coconut & pineapple and I've been on the lookout for a tea that has even just a hint of them! Sounds like this might be one I should definitely try at some point.


I'd love to try this Easter Parade!

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