Easter Tea from Dammann Frères

Easter Tea from Dammann FrèresI don’t know what a naranquilla is… is it a fruit?  From what I’ve been able to gather, it has a fruity flavor, kind of like a peach.  And that is in line with what I’m tasting with this tea.

Despite my uncertainty about the naranquilla – this is a really delicious tea!  The Black Tea base is non-aggressive but does not hide itself completely from the palate.  It is smooth and mellow tasting and allows the sweeter flavors of this blend to reveal themselves in a most delightful way.

The vanilla in this blend is sweet and probably the most dominate of flavors.  It has a creamy note to it that is very delectable.  The chocolate is not as strong as I would usually like a chocolate flavor to be in a tea (more chocolate is almost always a better thing!) but, in this blend, the light hint of chocolate works to this tea’s advantage.

As I have also mentioned, there is a fruity flavor to this tea.  The maraschino gives it a sort of preserved, candied fruit flavor.  Kind of like a candied peach-and-almond flavor and it’s quite yummy – reminds me of one of those special cakey candies you might get in your Easter basket.

Dammann Frères describes this tea as

A delicious blend of China and Ceylon teas, flavoured with vanilla, maraschino, chocolate and naranquilla, embellished with petals of red roses and bluebonnets.

This tea is absolutely spectacular – as are most of the collection from the brothers Dammann.  I have not been disappointed yet!

Editorial Note:  Dammann Frères has used the German (and most likely, French)
spelling of the {en:Naranjilla} plant, which is "Naranquilla".  However,
in the English language, it is {en:Naranjilla}, a South American fruit which
has a citrus flavor sometimes described as a cross between {en:rhubarb} and lime.

~ TRB Editor

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Steph: Thank you for your information about the naranquilla. I didn’t find the flavor to be very tart at all – which is what I would have expected from the combination of lime and rhubarb. Perhaps the maraschino sweetened it up a bit and made it much more peach-like. It reminded me a bit of candied apricots or peaches.

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