Egyptian Mint from Ambassador Organics

Egyptian MintI am a huge fan of mint tea, yet I have never tried Egyptian Mint before. (To be honest, I didn’t even know about that variety.) Well, I’m glad that I finally had the opportunity because it is delicious! Egyptian mint isn’t as strong, or as sharp as Peppermint, yet it isn’t as sweet as spearmint. Instead, it is a nice smooth mint, with just a touch of natural sweetness.

Ambassador Organics describes this tea as:

This traditional peppermint tisane tea delights with a lively and refreshing flavor.

The mint leaves are pretty finely crushed, but tastes very fresh. I know some Middle Eastern countries drink ice mint tea regularly, and I can see how this brand would make a delicious ice tea. It is a full, tasty cup of tea that is quite refreshing hot.

I also like how this tea is grown. Ambassador Organics seems to really care about not just the final product, but the tea throughout all stages. It is fair-trade, grown on sustainable farms and, according to their website, “These teas have been sourced from dedicated Biodynamic producers in communities across the globe, exemplifying agriculture that respects all aspects of the environment, from soil to human being.” So not only is it delicious, but I feel good supporting a company that takes such care in its product.

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The Tea Guru

I just wanted to add that I love this tisane also, and the flavor is very similar to apple mint, which I love also! Gorgeous!

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