Emerald Isle Dreaming from Adagio Teas

Emerald Isle Dreaming from Adagio TeasThis is a delightful tea – I wish I would have reviewed it a month ago in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

This is a custom blend created by Adagio customer Erin Germain, and is a blend of Adagio’s Irish Breakfast tea, Cream tea and Rum tea.

The Black Tea base is rich and robust, but it lacks the harshness that I often find in Adagio’s black tea base.  Instead, this is smooth with just a hint of savory bitterness that lightly touches the palate at about mid-sip.  There is a fair amount of astringency, but again, I am not finding it as drying as I often find Adagio’s black teas.  This is really quite lovely!

The cream flavor lends a sweet, vanilla flavor to the cup that helps to curb some of the bitter notes that I mentioned previously, making that bitterness not only palatable but a really intriguing quality about this tea.  I find myself waiting for it!  There is just a hint of rum flavor in this blend, but I find that the flavor of the rum develops as I continue to sip it.  There is a malty note to this as well which compliments the rum and cream flavors well.

Adagio Teas describes this custom blend as

Take the invigorating flavor of Irish Breakfast, add a bit of cream for sweetness, and a touch of rum to brace against the cold, and you’ve got a trip to the Land of Erin in your cup.


Growing up in our family, Irish Coffee was a staple. As I got older, I turned more toward tea than coffee, so this is my way of getting a bit of those memories back. The bonus to this is that it doesn’t have the calories or the alcohol which might prove to be a problem at times!

I prefer this one hot served with a little turbinado sugar (I love the way the molasses notes of the turbinado sugar compliment the rum flavor!)  I didn’t try it with milk (I’m out at the moment!) but I am sure that the addition of milk would enhance the creamy notes of this tea.

Such an interesting twist on the classic Irish Breakfast blend!  Nice!

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