Energising Green Tea from Vitalife

Guarana, Lemon & LiquoriceHere we have a perfect little number.

This is Energising Green Tea from Vitalife.

This special blend contains a cocktail of scrummy, energising ingredients sure to give you a spring in your step. This blend contains Green Tea, Guarana, Lemon Peel and Liquorice root. Nothing else. Wow… I know what your thinking what a mixture!

I found out about this tea from a good friend of mine who I go to the gym with. She said that she drinks this before her morning workout and whenever she feels tired and is in need of a boost.

I have been experimenting with this tea for a week prior to this review to see what all the hype is about and I can honestly say it does exactly what it says on the tin it really is a fantastic energiser to drink any time.

I have been having this tea first thing in a morning and throughout the day whenever I feel I need a boost (best avoiding close to bedtime though).

It really works, after drinking I feel more alert and the alertness seems to be consistent which doesn’t end up with you feeling like your energy levels are crashing down.

Here’s what Vitalife say about their tea-

” Energising Ingredients, Combined for Maximum Effect

We all do it. When we’re feeling a little lethargic at work, we reach for the coffee pot.

However, what if there was a pick-me-up that gave you the energy boost you were looking for, without the caffeine ‘crash’ afterwards.

Vitalife Energising Tea is blended to deliver exactly this.

With a carefully balanced mix of green tea, guarana, liquorice, and lemon, all ingredients are designed to work synergistically – delivering a beverage that provides energy but in a more sustainable way to coffee”.

The tea comes in bagged form just like a lot of Vitalife’s other blends so it is very convenient to pop in your bag for work or to have before the gym.

Vitalife advise that you serve the tea with freshly boiled water and infuse for 4 minutes. They also advise that you leave the bag in the cup whilst you Drink The tea and that you should drink 2-3 cups a day for maximum effect.

As I write this review I am sipping the tea and I have to say I absolutely love it. I love the cocktail of ingredients and cannot stress enough how well they work together.

There really are too many teas out there that have too many flavours that are just too much. This combination is perfect, a delicate balance of green tea with all of the other ingredients coming together nicely not overpowering each other makes this a perfectly balanced brew.

Vitalife describes this tea as-

Energy tea – get energised and enjoy a great-tasting brew at the same time.

This delightfully refreshing combination of green tea, guarana, lemon, and liquorice delivers a great-tasting pick-me-up to get you through the day.

Formulated using all-natural ingredients, Vitalife ‘Energising’ tea provides your body with a sustainable release of energy.

Why Choose Vitalife Energising Tea?

There are countless energy products on the market, so why choose Vitalife Energising Tea?

Well, aside from its great flavour and cool packaging, Vitalife Energising Tea is developed to provide a more sustainable release of energy throughout the day – making it a great direct replacement for coffee.

Whilst the guarana in this drink provides the caffeine boost, amino acids in green tea – theophylline and L-Theanine – work together with the caffeine to help prolong the release of energy for up to 6 hours.

Overall I would simply just say… perfect! Thank You Vitalife for making my mornings and afternoon slumps enjoyable with this fantastically tasting brew.

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