English Breakfast from Cheeky Tea

English Breakfast from Cheeky TeaOne of my favourite blends in the whole World is good old English Breakfast – particularly first thing in the Morning . . . with, you guessed it, Breakfast!

Now, I’ll apologise in advance to the purists – I’m from Yorkshire, so I like mine with a good drop of milk. To me, English Breakfast just isn’t English Breakfast without it.

When Cheeky Tea’s English Breakfast dropped through my door, it had a lot to live up to. The benchmark on this blend is high – I’ve tried many, and only a select few make it into my treasured tea store.

So – let’s see if Cheeky Tea’s version makes the grade.

Upon opening, it has that classic, earthy, almost toasted aroma. The sign of a good Black Tea.

I steep the leaves, and the fragrance mellows but still lingers, leaving a lovely, mouth-watering toasty aroma in the air.

I add my obligatory drop of milk, and the colour of the tea transforms – to that most Brits are so familiar with when the word ‘tea’ is mentioned. A lovely, soft, light brown.

I take my first sip, and I know instantly, this is one English Breakfast I shall be consuming regularly! Malty, comforting, a very bold black tea with flavours that linger in your mouth for a long while after taking a sip.

Here’s what Cheeky Tea have to say about this blend:

Needing no introduction, this renowned blend contains nothing but rich, malty Assam and full-bodied Sri Lankan black tea for a brilliantly bright and bold cuppa that’s perfect at any time of day.

They say a cup of tea can make anything better. And this one certainly does just that – the liquid equivalent of comfort food, and something I would love to wake up to in a Morning accompanying a nice slice of toast and jam! Delicious.


George McEntegart

Thanks for the lovely review, I think my favorite is the English Breakfast Tea as well. I love a good classic.

I have gotten quite fond of the green tea too, I never used to drink it but I find it really refreshing and it’s great if you’re suffering from the night before! 🙂

It’s important to be careful when brewing the green tea though, it can be easy to burn the leaves with the boiling water and create a bitter taste.

I’m really glad you reviewed our premium teas and appreciate the feedback.

George McEntegart

Thanks for the great review of our tea! Really glad you enjoyed it. The liquid equivalent of comfort food, love it. Might have to steal that 😉

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