English Breakfast from Drink T

English Breakfast from Drink TThis is a very fine English Breakfast blend.  What I am enjoying especially about this one is that in addition to the “usual” blend of Ceylon and Assam leaves, this blend also has {en:Keemun} tea in their blend.  This difference really makes this blend special.

The aroma of the dry leaf is very pleasant.  I can smell notes of smoke and wood mingling with a baked-bread kind of note.  It is a delightful, rustic kind of smell – like freshly baked bread in a log cabin deep in the woods.  I can even smell that crisp mountain air with notes of flower floating in the breeze in these leaves!

And while I could just go on and on about the fragrance of this tea, I won’t.  Because then I won’t have time to talk about how GOOD this tea actually tastes.  The flavor is so rich and well-rounded.  I can taste all the notes that I described in the aroma – the light smoky notes from the Keemun, a deep, bake-y kind of taste from the Assam, and a crisp, clean taste from the Ceylon.

There is also a sweet note in the background that is not what I would call “sugary” sweet.  Rather, it is more like a caramelized honey kind of taste.  The sweetness is not a strong or cloying taste; it is more like a little kiss of sweet sunshine!  I like the way that the malty flavor of the Assam melds with this sweetness.  It’s lovely.

The complexity of this robust, full-bodied English Breakfast blend exceeds my expectations.  I love all the beautiful notes of flavor that I can taste in just one sip.  It is not bitter (although, remember, it does have Assam so it can become bitter if it’s overbrewed) and has a dry astringency – not too dry though! – that seems to wipe the palate clean and readies it for another sip.  It makes for a delicious tea to wake up to in the morning, and it does have a certain amount of GUSTO to get you going!

Drink T describes this blend as

Accounts of “English Breakfast” origins vary. Drinking a blend of Black Teas for breakfast is indeed a long-standing British custom. The practice of referring to such a blend as “English breakfast tea” appears to have originated not in England but America, as far back as Colonial times.

A robust medley of full-bodied Assam, an intensely sweet high mountain Ceylon and a touch of a smoky Keemun makes our English Breakfast as smooth and delicious as they come. A great way to start any day.

This tea is fantastic as a first cup of the morning – I like it with a little bit of raw sugar or agave nectar, as these bring out that deep sweetness that I was talking about.  Milk or cream is also quite nice in this, but it is also alright served neat and clean with no additions.  It doesn’t have an overpowering edge to it that really NEEDS a sweetener or milk to soften it up.  It is just right.

I want to emphasize just how much I really love Drink T.  They are very friendly and quick with shipping, and I love their packaging.  I find these resealable pouches very easy to store, which is a big PLUS in my book since I’ve a LOT of tea.  The big, bulky tins – while I do love them – they become a bit of a problem when it comes to where to store them.  With these pouches, that is not a problem.  And when it comes to tea, trouble-free packaging solutions are very important for me.

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