English Breakfast from Hampstead Tea

English Breakfast from Hampstead TeaThere’s few things more lovely on a cool winter morning than a deep malty English Breakfast tea with a dash of milk and sugar.  English Breakfast is a type of ‘breakfast’ teas, which are usually simply very strong varieties of Black Teas, such as Irish Breakfast tea, Scottish Breakfast tea, Welsh Breakfast tea (yes, all of the UK has their own version of Breakfast Tea, and the Tea Guru idly wonders which one the Queen drinks) and Assam tea blends…amongst others.

Most Breakfast Teas, such as this one, are created from a blend of different black teas.  Assam, Keemun and and other very strong black teas which have a deep robust flavors to serve as a strong ‘pick-me-up’ in the morning are often used in Breakfast Tea blends.

This particular English Breakfast tea from Hampstead Tea is a very delicious and robust blend with a very strong malty undertone.  I adore the very layered and subtle flavors in this Breakfast Tea.  They say that this tea is blended from teas in North India, which means that the basis for this tea is most likely either a pure blend of Assam, or a blend of Assam and Nilgiri black teas.

Hampstead Tea describes this tea as:

Carefully blended black teas from North India create a punchy and full-bodied brew. Londoners like it best with a dash of milk. Great to start a busy day.

Ingredients:  Fair Trade black tea.

I served this tea as I serve all the Breakfast Teas which I drink, which is with sugar and soy milk.  The dried leaves before brewing were gorgeous variants of golden and chocolate brown, and gave off a lovely aroma of bright black tea, with hues of a woodsy tone underneath.  I think one of the things I enjoy the most about this tea is it’s golden malted fragrance, which grows stronger when you brew it.

As they state in their product description, it is indeed a very full-bodied brew, which stands up well to milk and sugar, and is nearly impossible to over-brew.  In fact, it can steep for an extremely long time or at higher temperatures without becoming bitter or undrinkable.  The flavors deepen and merge somewhat the more you steep it, but if you love a stout tea, this is it!  When you add milk and sugar you get a very rich, creamy, sweet brisk tea which is a wonderful tea to wake up to, or for an afternoon tea as well.   The tea is of very good quality, and I recommend this tea to Breakfast Tea enthusiasts.

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