English Breakfast from Tea Forté

English Breakfast BlendI used to be a coffee drinker.  I loved that “wake me up” that I got from coffee – it really got me going in the morning!  However, by mid-morning, I would have this sickly feeling come over me, and I realized that it was the coffee that was giving me these ill-effects.

This is why I switched to – and eventually became such a fan of – tea.  With tea, I no longer had those ill-feelings around noon, thanks to the polyphenols in tea, which serve as a buffer to the effects of caffeine.

However, I will admit that I did miss the stunning jolt that I would receive from coffee.  Some days I just needed that electrifying charge that coffee provides.  On those days, tea’s gentle, steady stream of alertness just didn’t get me going quite the same way.  It took a while for me to discover breakfast teas and how their rich, brisk flavor provided a great wake-me-up sensation without feeling sick later in the day.

This English Breakfast tea from Tea Forté is a perfect example of an bold, invigorating breakfast tea.  It is a blend of Assam teas, which are known for their strong flavor with malty undertones.

Tea Forte describes this tea as…

A perfectly balanced blend of superb Assam teas steeps a great cup, morning, noon or evening. Enjoy with milk and a touch of sugar.

Kosher, Organic

The robust scent of the Assam tea was very pleasant, with subtle hints of cocoa and fruit notes.

The tea is full-bodied, with a nice amount of astringency.  The aftertaste is lively and clean.  I enjoyed this blend with some sugar and a splash of cream, which brought out more of the malty characteristics of this blend.

These unique and statuesque pyramid sachets are good for 3 very tasty, full-flavored infusions… making this tea a perfect choice on those mornings when you are in need of something with a powerful impact to get you going!

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