English Breakfast from The Tea Nation

English Breakfast from The Tea NationSometimes you just want some tea!  (Or perhaps I should say NEED tea … )  Something quick and nothing fancy.  This is the perfect tea for those times!

This English Breakfast tea from The Tea Nation is bold and flavorful.  It has a brisk, delicious flavor and it’s strong enough to get you going.  And because it’s in a teabag, it is super simple to prepare.  Just three minutes in boiling water, and you’re good to go!

In reading the description of this tea, I do not see that the blend contains Assam (editor’s note: it is in fact Ceylon), but I still taste a malty, baked flavor that is typical of an Assam.  But one thing I don’t taste is the bitterness in the tail end that is often typical of an Assam!  This blend has a light astringency that leaves the palate feeling fresh but not dry.

The Tea Nation describes this tea as

English Breakfast is a Black Tea blended in a style traditionally associated with a hearty English breakfast. Ironically, it was invented, in New York around 1843 by Richard Davies, who had established a tea business called Canton Tea company Then the British Planters in Ceylon started to replicate this blend by fermenting tea leaves to the precise point that pure black tea began to taste like the English Breakfast blend. We use the same unflavored Pure Ceylon high grown tea, from the original tea gardens where the distinct English Breakfast blend was perfected so that you can enjoy it any time of the day.

I really enjoyed this cuppa.  It’s great for when I’m on the go and I don’t have time for my usual tea time routine – but I still want some caffeine!  This tea offers a lot of flavor with a minimum of effort making it a winner in my book.

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