English Breakfast from Trader Joe’s

Trader Joes English BreakfastTo be honest, there is not much to say about this tea. There is in fact so little to say about this tea that even the marketing geniuses at Trader Joe’s have left the packaging blank, except for the list of ingredients.

Trader Joe’s describes this tea as:

Ingredients: 100% Black Tea

It’s bagged, it’s black, and it’s cheap and, most importantly, it’s good. It’s better than the really cheap black tea, such as Red Rose, but not quite as good as a slightly higher brand such as Twinings.

Basically, if you want a good cuppa, trust Trader Joe’s!


The Tea Guru

When I read this review I laughed and laughed – GREAT summation, possibly most tongue-in-cheek review ever LOL


Ha ha – I love your review. You’re so much more succinct than I am.


Thanks guys! 🙂


It makes great iced tea. I drink Twinings Ceylon hot, and TJ’s EB iced. It’s so tasty, I don’t put any lemon or sugar in (well, I never put sugar in tea, hot or iced).


Not really an english breakfast.. more a non descript black tea


Maybe it’s because i’m English and know what tea is meant to taste like… but this stuff is absolutely undrinkable. I’ve tried steeping it for different lengths of time etc.. always tastes slightly like plastic. Absolutely disgusting.


The box is suppose to say whether it is Natural or Organic and if not then put why on the box, I agree it does not have enough description its also suppose to say where the black tea was grown, but usually i think anything they goes by a stores name is cheaper lesser quality, but I could be wrong, it does not taste pure or clean

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