English Teatime from Bigelow Tea

English TeatimeI don’t drink Black Tea as much as I used to but on this particular day, I felt like giving this one a try! I’ve always been quite happy with any tea I’ve tried from Bigelow Tea Tea and this one definitely did not disappoint!

I tried this on a Sunday morning while I was watching my favourite British TV show, “Coronation Street“.  With a name like “English Teatime”, I thought it was quite appropriate. Described as a full-bodied tea, I was expecting a very heavy and robust flavour. Yes, this tea is full bodied but it is not over-powering like I have experienced with some black teas; I actually found it to be quite smooth.

It is a delicious tea that  I could definitely drink on a regular basis! As for the aroma, “English Teatime” has the typical aroma I have come to associate with black teas;  I find it to be very invigorating and one that I enjoy first thing in the morning.

Bigelow Tea describes this tea as:

Full bodied, ideal for all occasions. Typically English, rich in flavor, and appropriate for any tea drinking occasion. Ingredients: black tea.

I normally drink my tea plain but I thought I would see how I sweetener went with this one. I tried Splenda and it was surprisingly good! I wouldn’t sweeten it every time I drink it but if I do feel like having a sweeter tea, I know this one goes well Splenda. I steeped this tea for about four minutes and for me, that was perfect.

This is the perfect morning tea for me!  I know it says “ideal for all occasions” but I think the only time I could Drink This tea is in the morning; I prefer greens & Oolongs for my afternoon cup of tea.I think one of the reasons I enjoyed this tea so much is for sentimental reasons; it certainly brought back memories of when my grandfather and I visited England together as it smelled and tasted so very similar to the tea I drank when I was over there!

Also the fact I was watching a British show just seemed like the appropriate time to be reviewing this time. If you’ve got a favourite British show, this is the perfect tea to sip on while you’re watching. I’d also recommend this tea if you’re not a big fan of black teas since, although it is full-bodied, it was not as robust or over-powering as some black teas are.

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I have enjoyed many of the Bigelow teas at work. The convenience of pre-packaged teas at work is always good. I just purchased a whole leaf, brew-in-mug, with infuser and received it by mail today. I also purchased a 31 day sampler of loose leaf tea from golden moon. I have to say I really enjoyed the full flavor of the loose tea. It seems to be purer and more pronounced flavor then from the pre-bagged versions.

I would love it if you would follow along with me on my blog at my website. I will be posting there this evening about my taste of tea this evening. Your comments would be welcome and it would be fun to interact with a fellow tea enthusiast.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences Mary. I look forward to reading many more.


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