Everyday Tea from Twinings


This tea is the first popular English brand to capture my taste buds.  This variety is the one that keeps the cogs turning.  From the initial booting up your PC morning cuppa to the late afternoon pick me up, it keeps your grey matter alert for the work ahead.

It has enough of a lift to tempt the loyal coffee crowd while not being too manic for the afternoon tea drinker.  The taste is full flavoured enough to drink black but is nicely complimented by both regular milk and soy milk.  Even the sweetened soy blends in nicely and doesn’t spoil the taste or appearance of this drink.

Twinings describes this tea as:

For this Everyday blend, we select a range of the finest teas, including Assam to give body and a full flavour, while Kenyan leaves are used to deliver colour, brightness and freshness.  And we leave nothing to chance, constantly checking and tasting each crop to guarantee the same fantastic cup of tea every time.

It comes in bags so is convenient enough to make anywhere, however, once brewed looks like the kind of tea your grandma would make in a pot with a tea cosy!  It’s great to dunk biscuits in and even better with fruit pie so should be the essential ingredient in any cupboard.



I never knew there where so many diffrent kinds of tea!


Eric, this is the tip of the iceberg! If you would like to try a whole BUNCH of kinds of tea, take the plunge and join our tea swap – since you’re not as familiar with tea, you could go heavy on the “accessory” and “snack” portions of the swap in what you send, and in exchange, you’d receive lots of samples of tea, lots of different kinds, just right to try out!

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