Fairy Lily from Primula Tea

Fairy Lily from Primula TeaA while back I was totally out of blooming or flowering tea.  I walked into an Office Max (office supply store) and found a gift pack of Primula Blooming Green Jasmine Teas.  This Fairy Lily was one of them.

This is a wonderful flowering/blooming tea! Sure it has a slight jasmine scent, but it is just enough, especially for someone who doesn’t LOVE Jasmine. I made a large mug full so my first and 2nd steeps were blended together. The first steep was much darker than I thought it would be – that was a pleasant surprise. The taste was a tad green-tea tasting but it also reminded me of a White Tea for aftertaste. There was a bit of non-jasmine floral taste to it and even a small hint of sweetness, too! I really like this one! Thumbs up!

Primula describes this tea gift pack as:

Primula Flowering Teas are made by artisans in China. The flowering teas are comprised of hand sewn AA grade Green Tea with all natural flowers. The green tea is blended 5 times with jasmine to make for an aromatic scent. The package includes green tea with 12 different styles and colors. There is a lot of belief that the antioxidants contained in the green teas are very healthy. It is also believed that there are certain healing benefits for brewing flowers. The health benefit guide will take you through this journey.

The only downfall of many of the Primula Teas I have tried is that their blooms have the tendency to fall apart shortly after blooming.  They are usually good for multiple infusions but I really don’t think as many as they claim.

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Ah disappointing that it started to fall apart! Blooming teas really are gorgeous to look at and to watch. Weird that you found it at office max though!

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