Fennel & Nettle Herbal Infusion from Morrisons

Fennel & Nettle Herbal Infusion from MorrisonsI stopped by my local Supermarket prior to the Christmas holidays as I had run out of shall we say digestion teas!

Some how with the lead up to Christmas I thought it was a good idea to pick some up while I had the chance.

I decided to go for this a fennel and nettle tea which is caffeine-free and contains 2 of my favourite flavours- fennel and nettle.

The tea contains 50% nettle and 50% fennel- nothing else!

Before I begin the tasting I would just like to let you in on the tastes and aromas of these 2 flavours-

Nettle– This is a very light and soothing flavour and aroma and is very similar to peppermint yet milder.

Fennel- This is a very clean tasting, yet punchy taste and aroma very similar to aniseed…I particularly love this and find it very enjoyable to eat as well as consume in beverage form.

I pop my kettle on to boil and reach into the box for a teabag. This is a box of 20 and is sealed in a foil fresh pack. I must say even before I pop open the foil fresh bag the aroma hits me and instantly I feel refreshed.

With the kettle now boiled I pour the hot liquid over my teabag and instantly the water turns green with a slight hint of gold.

According to the pack you should use 1 teabag per person in a pot or cup and add freshly boiled water. The pack states I should leave my bag in for 2-3 minutes for the flavour to flow.

I leave the tea as stated and decide to take a look to see if I can find any information on these 2 ingredients.

Here is what I found…


Nettle is said to be good for supporting the immune system, improving circulation, maintaining a healthy urinary tract,  maininting health of the nervous system, keeping a clear respiratory tract,  maintaining a good digestive system, it also fights coughs and tuberculosis plus many other ailments


Fennel is said to be a good kidney cleanser and is fever fighting, detoxifying, helps to improve digestion, boosts the body’s metabolic rate which effectively increases fat burning capabilities

So here goes the tasting…

I take the first sip and I am very pleased that the tea is not over powering on flavours, a perfect blend of both ingredients in my opinion.

The tea tastes clear and fresh and has almost a liquorice like flavour (this is coming from the fennel). The tea would be a pleasure to drink first thing in a morning and last thing at night along with consuming after a meal to aid digestion.

This tea will be permanently in my cupboard as a rescue from an upset stomach, acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion type symptoms along with the sheer enjoyment of the ingredients paired together for a refreshing brew any time of the day as it is caffeine-free.

Morrisons describes this tea as-

A light soothing drink, naturally caffeine free, foil wrapped for extra freshness

Overall I would describe this tea as light, refreshing, clear tasting and sweet. A lovely addition to any tea-lovers cupboard


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Fennel & Nettle Herbal Infusion from Morrisons: This is a review of of Fennel & Nettle Herbal Infusion from Morr… http://t.co/whzO0S7p


I have been enjoying this tea since discovering it earlier thid year, however, it was not on the shelves in my local Morrisons today. I hope it hasnt been discontinued. Its a great tea at a great price!

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