Fine Earl Grey from Plymouth Tea

This is a nice middling Earl Grey – not too strong, not too faint.   The bergamot aroma is nice, but not overwhelming, when one opens the package. When brewed, it retains the moderate aroma, and a faint hint of citrus taste.

Congou is  one of the basic types of tea grown in China, and is used as the base for other scented teas, such as rose petals, as well. Congou tea is moderately brisk, not too aromatic on its own – that’s why it’s a good base for scents or flavors – and moderately full-bodied.

Because neither the tea nor the amount of bergamot is too strong, it doesn’t need sugar, but if you like sugar in your tea, then a small amount will taste good in this tea. Personally, I love to add lemon or lime to an Earl Grey – bergamot is a citrus tree, and so a bit of citrus fruit is a nice complement to it. Also as a personal matter, I find milk in Earl Grey to be horrible, so my opinion as to whether it goes well with this tea is not objective; you’ll have to judge for yourself whether you like the mix of milk and oil of bergamot.

Plymouth Tea describes this tea as:

A blend of China Congou & Ceylon Black Teas with a light application of bergamot. It is a wonderfully aromatic, sweet cup, good at any time. Lots of “tea” taste.

This Earl Grey tastes acceptable, though not spectacular, when iced (Congou-based teas are traditionally drunk very hot in China); definitely add sugar to it as an iced tea. Remember, when making iced tea out of Earl Grey, it has to be iced and drunk while fresh; if you leave it in the refrigerator overnight, the oil of bergamot will pool at the top and taste odd.

Plymouth has over half a dozen Earl Grey blends; this is one of their least expensive (though all are reasonably priced). Plymouth has free shipping on all US ground orders over $50, so you might enjoy trying more than one!


Drew Shope

Thanks for the review- Still trying to move on past my faithful old Twinnings Earl Grey has, well, gotten old. Keep up the good work.


Actually, good old Twinings Earl Grey is coming up in a couple of days – that’s where I started out on Earl Greys, too!

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