Fine Grade Formosa Oolong from Upton Tea

The leaves are darker than green, but longer than black.

The leaves are darker than green, but longer than black.

Upton Tea carries more than 40 different Oolong Teas. This one is at the lower end of their spectrum (the Fine Grade is above Standard Grade, but below Choice, Fancy, Extra Fancy, and so on) at a very reasonable price.  Fitting Oolong’s status as a sort of halfway point between black and Green Tea, the leaves of this tea are almost as dark as Black Tea, but longer, like green tea.

The tea itself brews up almost as dark as black tea, too. It has a very mild aroma, not strong at all. In flavor, it’s a bit more bitter and darker than the best grades of oolong – not very bitter, but more so than, say, Upton’s Spring Dragon (my ideal for Oolong). If you normally drink black tea, you’d find this fairly mild. It’s a good everyday tea – I make this when I just need a decent-tasting generic cup of tea. It tastes better hot than iced.

Upton describes this tea as:

Moderately priced tea of good quality. The value choice of many Oolong fans. Originally referred to as European Market Formosa Oolong.While the leaf quality of this grade cannot be compared to costlier Formosa Oolong teas, it is popular for its deep flavor notes.

If you like the tea you are served in Chinese restaurants, you’ll like this tea. It’s one of the less expensive Oolongs from Upton,  so you can indulge freely.


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