Fine Ti Kuan Yin Oolong from SpecialTeas

Fine Ti Kuan Yin Oolong from SpecialTeasThis is an absolutely lovely Ti Kuan Yin.

The leaves are HUGE!  They start out very small and pellet-like, but after infusing a couple of times, they unfurl to like five times their dry size.  Therefore I do not recommend steeping this tea in an infuser, steep it loose in a teapot (a Yixing would be best) or use a gaiwan.

The flavor of this Oolong is DREAMY!  It is smooth and has a richness to it that reminds me of fresh cream.  It is sweet and imparts a soft, almost velvet-like mouthfeel.  I get very little astringency from this tea, just a beautiful, creamy flavor and supple texture that makes me feel like I’m floating on a soft, fluffy cloud!

This tea has an incredible sweetness to it that is almost intoxicating.  I love how the orchid notes meld with the creamy tones of the tea.  I love this tea!

SpecialTeas (now Teavana) described this tea as

Surpassing the quality of most of the commonly available Ti Kuan Yins, this grade from the Chinese Anxi County is a terrific value. Its golden-yellow liquor is smooth and fragrant, carrying a refreshing, fruity aroma as well as the sought-after orchid-like flavor.

As I sip on this tea, I am enchanted by it.  It is a bittersweet enchantment, however, since SpecialTeas has closed its doors.  I shall miss SpecialTeas, and I will especially miss this tea.

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I also love special teas and I am totally bummed they are gone. I just had a cup of that very tea. I ordered the fine grade from Ten Ren. I hope its equivilant. Please post if you find one thats close. Thanks. Take care.

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