Finest Fairtrade Tea Bags from Tesco

Tesco_Finest_80_Tea_Bags_250gI went into my local supermarket and decided to take a look at teas they offer under their own branding to see if there was anything that would take my fancy.

I came across these – Fairtrade Tea Bags from Tesco which are medium strength.

Tesco has a 3 strength guide-

1- Mild

2- Medium

3- Strong

I am particularly interested in these teas as they are fairtrade.

I return home and open the box to find inside 2 foil sealed packs with 40 bags in each pack.

I now prepare my kettle to boil, take out my cup and wait.

My kettle is now boiled so I pour the boiled liquid over my tea bag and instantly the water becomes a dark brown and gives off a deep and rich aroma (even before leaving to steep for the recommended time of 4-5 minutes).

This smells like the kind of tea I like to drink, rich, full-bodied and brisk. Very enjoyable morning tea I would guess.

On this occasion I have decided to take the tea without milk as I want to really enjoy the rich flavour and somehow I feel milk takes this away slightly.

Here goes the tasting…

I begin to take a sip and I am plesantly surprised by a refreshing yet full-bodied, malty brisk tea.

I take a look at the pack whilst the tea cools and read-

” We have ensured the highest quality of the Finest tea blend by selecting the best high grown teas in Assam, Ceylon and regions of Africa, where the tea is particularly favoured for its brisk, refreshing flavour and bright colour”

I feel the statement is very fitting for the tea and would completely agree with the flavour description.

Tesco describes this tea as-

“This fine-flavoured Black Tea blend originates from Fairtrade certified tea estates in Africa, India and Sri Lanka. It is mellow with a deep colour and rich taste”

Overall I would describe this tea as malty, brisk, full-bodied and rich. A winner for me and I will be more than happy to finish the whole box!


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Finest Fairtrade Tea Bags from Tesco: I went into my local supermarket and decided to take a look at teas they o…

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