Fireside Blend from Compass Teas

Fireside Blend from Compass TeasI enjoy spiced blends year ’round.  But when it gets nippy outside is when I find spice blends to be particularly comforting.  I love the warming effect that they give – from the warmth of my tea cup as I wrap my hands around the cup, to the delicious aroma of the spices that warmly waft from the tea cup, and finally, the warmth that radiates from the brewed liquor as I take a sip.  There are few things more satisfying.

And I am more than satisfied with this Fireside Blend from Compass Teas.  It is so pleasant on this cold and blustery day!

The Black Tea base is strong and even though there is a lot of other flavors to this blend, the black tea remains steadfast and in charge of the cup.  I like that!  It has a fair amount of drying astringency which seems to lightly polish the palate in the finish.  It is not bitter.  It delivers good, brisk black tea flavor that is making for a delightful pick-me-up this afternoon.

The next flavor that I’m noticing is that of the citrus.  And, what is really nice about this particular blend is that the vanilla notes mingle so nicely with the citrus flavor to bring out a cozy sweetness to the cup.  It lends a slight “creamsicle” kind of taste to the tea.

The spices are not overwhelming in this blend, but they do lend a nice amount of flavor and warmth to the cup.  It doesn’t taste “spicy” – it just tastes spiced.  Sort of like mulled spices with orange rinds.  There is a very nice balance between the sweet of the orange and vanilla and the soothing warmth from the spices.

Compass Teas describes this blend as

This elegant citrus and spice black tea blend will have you imagining cozy, snowy nights cuddling up to the fire, and days that you can actually relax.  Brew yourself a cup and enjoy the comforting scents of citrus, cloves, and cardamom.  Even if you only have five minutes, brew yourself a cup of tea, breathe in the calming scent and sip and slip into a mini-vacation by the fireside.

This is one deliciously smooth, well-rounded cup that is warm and satisfying.  Perfect for the holiday season – or any time.  Who needs a reason?

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