Floral Nectar from Simpson & Vail

Floral Nectar from Simpson & VailThis tea is for lavender lovers, and I am a lavender LOVER!!  I was so excited to get this tea in the mail, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least.  If you are looking for a gorgeous lavender Black Tea, give this one a try!

This tea is heavy on the lavender, but not so much that you can’t taste the delicious black tea base.  It’s a medium strength black tea which matches the natural lavender flavor perfectly.  A balance of tea and flowers, this is a tea for the romantic at heart.

Simpson & Vail describes this tea as:

For those lovers of lavender, this tea provides a unique tasting experience. It’s lavender all the way, from the delightful floral bouquet to the tantalizing lavender liquor. The addition of a fruity flavoring in this blend produces a sweet aftertaste. Brew tea at 212º – steep for 3 minutes.

This tea is best enjoyed plain, or as I prefer it, with a touch of sugar to bring out the sweet lavender flavors even more.   Milk is probably not a good choice with this tea, because it may overpower some of the black tea flavor.

They say in the description they have added a fruity flavoring for a sweet aftertaste, and there is definitely a sweet aftertaste, however I can’t exactly pinpoint the exact fruit flavoring, however it reminds me a bit of bergamot, so perhaps it is some sort of citrus flavoring.   Whatever it is, this blend as a whole is a beautiful blend of flavors and fragrances that remind you of a lavender field on a warm summer’s day!

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Yum! That lavender tea sounds good 🙂

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