Florence from Harney & Sons

Florence from Harney & SonsYeah, I’m a chocoholic.  And while I have no problem admitting that I have a problem when it comes to chocolate, I am in no way, shape, or form ready to try to recover from this addiction (nor do I ever think I will be).

Instead, I’m holding out for the announcement that chocolate is THE miracle food that should be consumed on a daily basis for optimal health.  I mean, why take a chance, right?  It could be the miracle food, and if I stopped eating it, I could be jeopardizing my health.  Better safe than sorry.

Having said that, it should come as no surprise that chocolate is one of my favorite tea flavors.  (It’s right up there with jasmine and bergamot, and I don’t know which of these three would be the ultimate favorite)   Of course, like all teas, some chocolate teas are better than others.  Here is my general rule of thumb:  If I can taste the chocolate, it is probably a good chocolate tea.  And expounding on that rule – the more chocolate flavor, the better the chocolate tea.

Here, I can taste the chocolate!  The flavor is chocolate-y rich and smooth – YUM!

This is a mellow Black Tea base, rather unassuming and does not attempt to overwhelm the chocolate flavor in this cup.  This is a good thing!  I can taste the tea and it is a very pleasing union of black tea and chocolate.

But this cup isn’t JUST black tea and chocolate… there is another flavor – Hazelnut!  When I first smelled the dry leaf, the aroma of the hazelnut was very pronounced, and it remains quite strong with the brewed liquor.

Together, the taste of chocolate and hazelnut and black tea create a rather delicious combination.  The chocolate is creamy and smooth, the hazelnut is nutty and sweet, and the black tea tastes rich and satisfying.

Harney & Sons describes this tea as

Our delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Tea, better known as Florence. Since we can’t always be sipping hot cocoa while sitting in the Palazzo della Signoria, we can sip this decadent blend of chocolate and hazelnut and dream we are there.

This is a very decadent-tasting tea that reminds me quite a bit of my favorite toast topping:  Nutella!   For my favorite sandwich with Nutella, check out my latest blog post!  Come to think of it, that sandwich and this tea… would be a chocoholic’s paradise!

This tea is best served hot.  It is sweet on it’s own, but, if you really want to turn up the flavor of the chocolate and hazelnut, add a little sugar or agave nectar to your cup… but just a little!  If you tune in to the creamy goodness of this tea, add a little milk.  As it cools, the flavors become a little less defined but it is still really tasty, so it would make a deliciously different iced tea too.

However you choose to serve it… you should really try it, it’s awesomeness in a teacup!

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